21 September 2010

UMS-Neiken Group Bhd.


The new member of my value-stocks-portfolio. Bought at 25 sen per share, a discount of almost 40% from its net-working-capital (based on Jun-2010 report).

Listed on KLSE since 2006, UMS-Neiken is principally involve in the manufacturing of electrical wiring accessories.

a quick glance:

  • PE ratio ~ 8. (calculated from three years average earnings).
  • net dividend yield ~ 4%. (three years average).
  • Cash per share ~ 9 sen. (at Jun-2010)
  • Debt/Equity ~ 10%. (at Jun-2010)

Revenue fell significantly in 2009. However, EPS and dividend were relatively stable compared to 2008.

Its inventories, receivable, and borrowings show a slight increase recently.

The trading volume of its shares is quite low.


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