02 January 2010

My Portfolio at the end of 2009.

Here's the composition of my portfolio at 31-Dec-2009.


Activities during this year:

  • Stocks sold: Advpkg, Lysaght, SJC, UMS, Tafi.
  • Stocks bought: Hartalega, Tomei, Triumpl, Choobee.
  • Money added: RM 9,100 in the middle of the year.

If being asked what I'd feel regret about my investment during this year, it would be my slow reaction in buying Hartalega. Its price was below RM3.50 when it first came into my sight, but I only took action when its price went above RM4.50 -- Lesson learned: take action immediately when you found a good company trading at an attactive price. This event also strengthened my believe in long-term buy-and-hold strategy.

For the year 2009, my portfolio's average return rate is about 41% p.a., a bit lower than KLCI's performance.


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