24 January 2013

Bought LPI.

Pump-in new fund into my portfolio, and here's my new investment in 2013.

Bought 2000 shares of LPI at RM13.80, a PE ratio of about 18.

Reasons of investment:
  • a company of Teh Hong Piow, which mean a great management for me.
  • great track-record in terms of profitability, ROE, dividend payout, etc.
  • and most importantly, sustainable growth potential.
a glance at LPI's records:

LPI's revenue and PAT had achieved a CAGR of ~14% in the past five years (2006~2011), and I believe that it can maintain at least 10% CAGR in the next five years.

the average dividend payout ratio of LPI had been around 100% for years, which translate into a 5%~6% net-dividend-yield according to its current level of earnings and share-price.

My expected return in this investment: a 5% DY, plus 10% annual gain from share price, which means a total return of 15% p.a., for the next few years.

The investment in LPI weighted ~18% in my portfolio, about same level as PPB, AirAsia, Harta.

23 January 2013

Increase holding in PPB.

Bought 1,000 shares of PPB lately.

Now the weight of PPB in my portfolio had increased to ~20%, almost same as the weight of AirAsia and Harta.

also sold all my Notion-wb recently and utilised the money to buy 6000 unit of Notion... This is because Notion's share price had experienced a big drop recently while its warrant-b price was less affected.

18 January 2013

Jan-2013: sold all my "value-stocks".

I had been maintaining an experimental "value-stock portfolio" since year 2008,which was based on Graham's strategy of net-working-capital.

However, I found that I don't have enough time and energy to manage this group of stocks anymore, hence decided to put it into an end.

All the components in this value-stock portfolio (namely, Tomei, Triumpl, Choobee, Rex, IQgroup, UmsNgb, SmiCorp, Kstar) had been sold recently.

From now on, I will focus only on investment of long-term growth-stocks.


07 January 2013

My Portfolio at the end of 2012.

Activities during the year:
  • newly injected fund: RM41,500。
  • stock sold: Yahorng,Prkcorp, Sbagan, Kimhin, XDL-wa.
  • Increase holding in AirAsia and Notion. Sold all Notion-wa and hold Notion-Wb.
  • new investment: Pwroot, PPB.
Gloves companies still make up the highest weight (~25%) in my portfolio, followed by AirAsia which contribute ~20% of my investments. Notions, TSH, PPB and Pwroot weight about ~10% each, and the weight of the net-working-capital portfolio had drop to ~10%.

My return rate of investment in year 2012 was about 10% p.a., not much different from KLCI's performance.


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