01 January 2014

My Portfolio at the end of 2013.

Activities during the year:
  • new fund: RM 72k.
  • stocks sold: all the "value-stocks",  XDL, Notion, TSH.
  • decrease holdings: PwRoot (sold half of it).
  • increase holdings: PPB, AirAsia.
  • new investment: LPI, Supermx, CBIP, DLady, Takaful, UoaDev, AeonCr.
The share price of glove companies had experienced a sharp hike during this year. I'm in opinion that these companies were undergoing a revaluation by the market -- thus we saw PE ratio of Hartalega and Kossan had been rising to above 20 during the year, and I think Supermx will be catching up soon.

While the falling share prices of AirAsia and UoaDev were a bit disappointed, the good performances of PwRoot, PPB, TSH, Takaful and LPI were well above my expectation.

The investment return of my portfolio during 2013 was about 33% p.a., much higher than KLCI's performance.


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