15 May 2011

Shares Bought in May.

Recent activities:

  • Inject RM3500 of new capital into my portfolio.
  • Bought 5000 units of XDL.
  • Bought 4000 units of Notion-Wa.

Currently, the weight of each items in my portfolio is:

  • Glove makers: 27% (Harta + Kossan)
  • AirAsia: 17%
  • Notion: 14% (mother share + warrant)
  • TSH: 11%
  • XDL: 11%
  • value-stocks: 20% (ten stocks in total)

Among the stocks in the portfolio, I think Notion will be the best performer at the year end. According to its management, the 2.5" HDD orders will start kick-in next quarter. Surely, they will have great contribution to both top & bottom lines of Notion.

This year until now, I had already pump-in RM6.5k into my portfolio. According to my saving plans, there will be another RM11.5k of new capital to be injected during the remaining of this year. Hope that I could find good suspects for those new fund then.


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