21 April 2008

My Portfolio at 31-Mar-2008

Haven't update this blog for almost a month... quite busy during these few weeks...

So, here's my portfolio's value at the end of 1Q-2008:



1. A cash of about RM1550 (mainly come from my bonus salary) had been added in to my portfolio during this quarter. Due to its very attractive price, I had increased my investment in Supermx to 3500 shares, as compared to 2000 shares in the last quarter.

2. As mentioned in my previous post, Tafi & Advpkg were selected into my "value-stock" portfolio due to Graham's asset-orientated valuation.

3. I didn't see any big change of fundamental condition in my companies, except for AirAsia which has doubled its EPS in the 1H-2008.

4. Due to some negative emotions in the market, my companies are now being transacted in very attractive prices. I really want to increase my investment in these companies (and some new candidates that I've been monitoring so far). But unfortunately, this few months I'm facing some difficulty in my personal finacial management, where I'm spending almost every ringgit that I earn, leaving no cash for my investment. I hope that this condition will not last for too long, because I really don't want to miss this "mega-sales" of stocks in the current investment climate.


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